Dan Wesson Valor 1911 CO2 pellet pistol: half 3

Dan Wesson Valor 1911 CO2 pellet pistol: half 3

through Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Dan Wesson Valor
Dan Wesson Valor 1911 CO2 pellet pistol.

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part 2

This record covers:

  • evaluate
  • The test
  • Air palms Falcon domes
  • surprise
  • RWS R10 match Pistol
  • RWS Hobbys
  • H&N healthy green
  • JSB exact RS
  • The set off
  • Accuracy and the points of interest
  • abstract

these days we test the Dan Wesson Valor 1911 pellet pistol for accuracy. It’s been awhile due to the fact we have looked at this air pistol. So let’s have a short evaluate.


The Valor is a really functional CO2 pistol that receives over a hundred and fifty shots on a 12-gram CO2 cartridge. We truly recorded 196 pictures within the velocity check, and a hundred and fifty of them had been close to the highest.

The Valor has an odd 12-shot magazine that needs to be faraway from the gun after 6 shots and the exact part turned around to a fresh 6-shot cylinder. I confirmed you photographs of that partially 2.

The Valor is double-motion handiest with an estimated 18-20 lb. trigger pull. I deserve to be cautious in these days’s check to get all that it has to provide.

That’s a short replace on where issues are. I stated on the end of part 2 that I hoped this pistol become correct. Now we discover.

The examine

I shot 6-shot businesses, given that that’s what number of pellets are in each and every cylinder of the rotating end of the magazine. I shot from a sandbag leisure with the backside of the magazine rested on the bag. I used a two-hand dangle and shot from 10 meters, due to the fact this is a rifled pellet pistol. I used a 6 o’clock grasp.

Air fingers Falcon domes

the first pellet I established changed into the 7.33-grain Falcon dome from Air fingers. the first shot hit the target paper an inch and a quarter low and two and a quarter inches to the left of the intention factor. It changed into not a called pull. on account that i used to be on paper with that shot I then shot the remaining 5 photographs without searching at the goal once again.

after I went to trade the goal i used to be shocked to see the remaining five photographs internal the bull in a 0.717-inch community! by means of including the first shot the community measurement grows to 3.788-inches, but those last five pictures are fantastic.

Valor Falcon group
the primary Falcon hit low and left, however the remaining five went into the bull in a 0.717-inch neighborhood.


That first community was certainly a shock. i used to be shooting at 10 meters since the Valor has a rifled barrel, however I didn’t predict to see a gaggle like that. Why is the first shot so removed from the rest? guess all you like; I don’t have any conception. It changed into no longer a called pull.

RWS R10 suit Pistol

The second pellet I demonstrated changed into the RWS R10 healthy Pistol pellet. This time the primary shot was also a bit low and to the left and the remaining 5 have been inside the bull. This 5-shot community measures 0.903-inches between centers. Add the first shot and the neighborhood grows to 2.321-inches between centers. So this community is both more suitable and also a little worse than the first one. And as soon as once more there have been no known as pulls.

Valor R10 group
once once more the primary shot changed into low and left. The final 5 photographs are in the black, measuring 0.903-inches between centers. Add the primary shot and the community grows to 2.321-inches between facilities.

RWS Hobbys

I didn’t get to test RWS pastime pellets. Let me let you know why. Hobbys were very intricate to load into the 6-shot cylinder and after I did, two of them fell out inside the pistol. one of those tied up the trigger so it become very tough to tug and the 2nd one went right down to the muzzle however refused to leave the barrel. I needed to play with the pistol for a lot of lengthy minutes before discovering every little thing I just informed you.

I used a .177 cleansing rod to push the pellet that was stuck on the muzzle lower back down into the pistol. With the journal out of the gun it dropped out of the breech and i was able to shake it out of the gun. That was when I found the second pellet that become intermittently jamming the trigger. It was additionally stuck within the breech in a distinct region. My guidance is to stay away from Hobbys during this pistol, or if you do try them, bear in mind that I had these issues.

H&N fit green

next to be tried were six H&N in shape eco-friendly pellets. This lead-free pellet regularly does neatly in pellet rifles. in the Valor six of them went into the bull. the first shot become low however to the appropriate this time. And the 5 that adopted are in a gaggle that measures 1.103-inches between centers. With the primary shot added the neighborhood measures 1.843-inches between centers.

Valor H&N Match Green group
Six H&N match eco-friendly pellets went into 1.843-inches at 10 meters with 5 in 1.103-inches.

JSB exact RS

The last pellet I tested become the JSB exact RS dome. I substituted them for the hobby pellets that gave me situation feeding.  This time I didn’t see where the primary pellet hit, so what we have is six shots in 2.116-inches at 10 meters with 4 of them in 0.715-inches.

Valor JSB RS group
Six JSB actual RS pellets went into 2.116-inches at 10 meters, with four in 0.715-inches between centers.

The set off

I bear in mind there was a lot of issue what the heavy DAO set off would do to accuracy. I shared that concern. All i will say is I wish that many air pistols that come with single action triggers which are both crisp and light-weight may do this well. so long as you squeeze the set off intentionally, there is nothing in its commute that throws you off the goal.

Accuracy and the attractions

when you have been studying my stories for any length of time you understand how hardly ever a pistol with fastened points of interest is capable of hitting the bullseye like this Valor does. I don’t understand if here is a fortunate probability or if all Valors will function like this. but this one sure does, and that i must inform it like I see it!


well, we now have come to the conclusion of our check, and the Dan Wesson Valor 1911 CO2 pellet pistol has verified quite well. in reality it has verified so smartly that i can advocate it as a pellet pistol for taking pictures objectives, and as an M1911A1 coach. That’s loads of cost in a hundred-dollar air pistol!