The Diana model 10/Beeman 900 target pistol: part 3

The Diana model 10/Beeman 900 target pistol: part 3

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Beeman 900
The Beeman 900 pistol is yet another variety of Diana’s model 10.

half 1
half 2

historical past of airguns

This record covers:

  • Godfather’s Gold Gun Giveaway
  • shooting the Beeman 900/Diana mannequin 10
  • The look at various
  • RWS R10 healthy Pistol pellets
  • Qiang Yuan practicing pellets
  • Gamo fit pellets
  • JSB in shape Heavy Weight
  • H&N healthy eco-friendly
  • discussion
  • abstract

Godfather’s Gold Gun Giveaway

i am selecting the winner of the Godfather’s Gold Gun Giveaway this weekend. After my alternative i will be able to contact the winner to see if the airgun is felony in his locale. i’m hoping to announce a winner on Monday.

taking pictures the Beeman 900/Diana mannequin 10

this is a day I even have lengthy awaited. I have shot these pistols in the past, however on no account under my strict examine circumstances, so nowadays i hope to beginning the “book” on this one!

The check

I shot the pistol rested at 10 meters. The pistol changed into rested on the sandbag, touching the bag simply ahead of the triggerguard. it’s okay since the Beeman 900 is recoilless.

I shot 5-shot agencies because goal airguns commonly make agencies so small that capturing more than 5 is barely a waste of pellets. I wore my 1.25-diopter analyzing glasses that make the entrance sight sharp and clear, which I always do with an open-sighted pistol.

I had no concept where this pistol changed into sighted, but I shot for community measurement and wasn’t as concerned with the place the pellets landed. I may all the time regulate the sights as I went.

RWS R10 in shape Pistol pellets

First to be validated became the RWS R10 suit Pistol pellet. I suspected it may be the ultimate pellet for this pistol, just because of how carefully they are made.

I checked the target after the first shot to make certain the pellet hit the paper. After that I never looked once again. the primary shot become low in the 8-ring. however once I saw the neighborhood i was upset. five R10 pellets went into 0.92-inches at 10 meters. That’s what a sport pistol may still do — not a target pistol!

Beeman 900 R10 group
The Beeman 900 put five R10 in shape Pistol pellets into 0.92-inches at 10 meters. I expected to look all five in anything like that three shot community within the center.

for the reason that the R10s shot low but appeared well-headquartered, I adjusted the rear sight up 7 clicks.

Qiang Yuan practicing pellets

The chinese Qiang Yuan practicing pellet that changed into next frequently surprises me with its accuracy. but not these days. five of them went into 0.865-inches at 10 meters. That’s now not plenty stronger than the R10s.

Beeman 900 Qiang Yuan Training group
5 Qiang Yuan working towards pellets went into 0.865-inches at 10 meters.

certainly 7 clicks up changed into means too lots adjustment, so after seeing this community I dialed the rear sight down three clicks.

Gamo in shape pellets

Gamo suit pellets are on no account world classification, however I even have viewed them do some brilliant things in the past. So I gave them a chance during this pistol. but they blew it!

I miscounted while shooting, so I shot 6 Gamo healthy at this target and they went into a bunch measuring 1.253-inches between facilities. not lots i will say about that.

Beeman 900 Gamo Match group
Six Gamo match pellets went into a bunch measuring 1.253-inches between facilities at 10 meters.

After seeing this community I dialed the rear sight a different two clicks down.

JSB fit Heavy Weight

subsequent I fired 5 JSB healthy Heavy Weight pellets. This time issues had been improved, although no longer nearly as good as I had hoped. five pellets landed in a group measuring 0.789-inches between facilities. This time the neighborhood is well-nigh completely founded, so I deliberate to depart the points of interest by myself from this element on.

Beeman 900 JSB Match Heavy group
Now we are getting someplace! five JSB in shape Heavy Weight pellets grouped in 0.789-inches.

H&N suit green

The last pellet I demonstrated became the lead-free H&N suit green. These did neatly within the velocity test and were correct before in other airguns. within the Beeman 900 five of them went into 0.888-inches at 10 meters. It’s too open to be enjoyable, even though it’s not much higher than the JSB suit pellet neighborhood that is the better of the look at various.

Beeman 900 HN Match Green group
five H&N healthy eco-friendly pellets went into 0.888-inches at 10 meters.


these days’s look at various become disappointing. What you see here isn’t what I expected. I expected a ways more advantageous. The set off is spot-on and we comprehend the pistol has all the vigor it’s supposed to. however are attempting as I could I simply couldn’t get this pistol to shoot. I anticipated a gold dollar community these days (below 0.15-inches) but we didn’t even come close to a trime (below 0.20-inches).

I do be aware that the heaviest pellet turned into also the most accurate. And my first Diana model 10 did neatly with the eight.2-grain RWS Meisterkugeln. So a 2d test with heavier goal pellets is within the works. I won’t do it correct away, to enable us to peer every other ancient airguns in the intervening time, but i will return to this pistol.


That’s it for nowadays. on occasion issues don’t turn out the style you predict them to, but you just keep it up making an attempt.